Welcome to Cetek Consulting Inc. specializing in Consulting Services. Our core sectors of expertise are Professional Services and Technology Partnerships.

Consulting and Business Promotion

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About Cetek Consulting Inc.

Cetek Consulting Inc. was founded in California, USA in 2003, with the objective to promote and expand businesses for US based companies interested in pursuing markets overseas, particularly in India, with an emphasis on the IT Software Services , Renewable Energy fields and Infrastructure Cetek's primary goal is to help US based companies build joint ventures, strategic alliances, and partnerships with public sector undertaking and corporations based in India, as our vision is to enhance long term revenue gain for mutual benefit.


Cetek Consulting Inc. assists US based companies interested in pursuing business opportunities in India and provides guidance on the core hurdles faced by foreign companies seeking to penetrate the Indian market. Cetek inc. is United State of America Company with the history of enabling IT transformation globally through collaboration with Government and industry leaders. Ctek with the mission of enabling industry transformation through the application of the latest technologies in Web 3.0, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics. Cetek provides a deep expertise to companies on policymaking and government issued processes, supplemented with a credible network with the government (federal and state), factors that strengthen the company's overall vision to support on-the-ground operations in India for our US based clients.

Cetek Objectives

Cetek's main objective is to promote revenue gain for US based companies through the channel of the Indian market and its offerings. We understand the need to capture and tap into the Indian market and provide three decades worth of in-house expertise on how to best penetrate the Indian market in order to reap maximum long term benefits. Cetek Consulting's core is built off of a rich network in India, with a keen insight into the key Indian policymakers and professional corporate houses.

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